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With the most famous architectural ornaments of Greece and the beautiful corners of Syros, the title of "Archontissa of the Cyclades" is absolutely justified.

In other hand, the beaches of the island are some of the nicest beaches of the Cyclades. Looking for a beach in Syros you can choose to swim in one of the most renowned and fully organized beach of Syros or try out water sports activities, relax in one of the most exotic beach or one of the sandy beaches that are selected mainly from families with young children. Most of the beaches of Syros are located near the most picturesque settlements and the most popular attractions of Syros enabling travelers to combine a relaxing stroll with a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Galissas Beach

Galissas beach is at Galissas seaside village and one of the most touristy of Syros. It is located on the west side of the island, at the cusp of the homonymous bay and beach of the homonymous valley that opens between the mountains Harassona and Glaronda. It is 7 km from the capital Ermoupolis.


Galissas beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. This is a fully organized beach which offers all kinds of comforts. Guests can swim in the crystal clear waters, relax on the golden sand, enjoy unique flavors in the taverns of the village. The beach is easily accessible either by our cars or by private boat.

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Delfini Beach

Delfini (Dolphi) is a bay on the western part of the island of Syros. Situated very close to the north of village Kini and  it is 11 km from Ermoupolis. Access to the area is via Kini either on foot, or by road following the signposts.


Deflini beach is an ideal choice for those who want to avoid the winds and enjoy their swim with all comforts available. Bathers can relax on sun loungers under the shade of an umbrella or enjoy unique specialties in the nearby taverns overlooking the enchanting landscape.

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Kini Beach

Kini is a picturesque seaside village of Syros. It is located on the west side of the island and is 7 km from the capital Ermoupolis. It is a fishing village with beautiful beaches, many accommodation, taverns and cafes and is considered one of the most tourist settlements of Syros.


Kini beach is well organized with umbrellas and sunbeds offering bathers all comforts for a relaxing day on the beach. Its privileged elevated position enables guests to enjoy the most spectacular views of the sunset. From Kini, visitors can hire a boat to the secluded beaches of the island and the nearby islets. Kini can be accessed either by our car or by private boat.

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Foinikas Beach

Foinikas is a settlement on the southwestern part of Syros, which is 12 km from the capital Ermoupolis. In ancient times, it was a port of the Phoenicians, from which it took its name.


Foinikas beach is a beautiful beach in the west of the Island shortly after Posidonia. It is a favorite destination due to its infrastructure featuring all comforts and conveniences for the bathers such as sun umbrellas, an organized marina for the yachts and traditional fish taverns right by the sea. The beach of Foinikas is easily accessible by following the road from Ermoupolis to Galissas. It is also a suitable for fishing and snorkeling.

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Agathopes Beach - Posidonia

Posidonia, formerly known as Delagracia, is a settlement of Syros. Situated in the broad bay of Foinikas, it is 10 km from the capital Ermoupolis. It was for many years the resort of wealthy Syrians.


Agathopes beach is one of the most popular beaches of Syros. Guests can swim in the clear blue waters and enjoy a coffee or meal in the cafeterias and taverns along the beach. Just 1 km from the beache of  Foinikas, Agathopes constitute a point of reference for travelers during the summer. The small path leading from the beach into the sea as well as the Stroggylo islet, the Schoinonisi and the impressive lighthouse in Cape Viglostasi add some extra charm to the already breathtaking scenery.

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  • If you are on the island during Easter, then you will witness a truly unique experience. On Good Friday, the Orthodox epitaph from the temples of Agios Nikolaos, the Dormition of Virgin Mary and the Metropolis is carried out along the streets of Εrmoupolis. These three epitaphs, followed by a crowd of people holding poles with robes and sponges hanging from them, as a symbol of the passions of Christ, meet in Miaoulis Square where a joined prayer takes place. Another superb sight of the night is that of the lit up mansions of the island, throughout the epitaph procession.
  • If you are ready to get started with your summer, swimming and try on your new bathing suit, you should definitely visit the following beaches: Galissas, Dolphin, Kini, Foinikas and Delagratsia.
  • If you want something more «hip» and different, then you definitely have to visit the bay of Letters. You will see thousands of inscriptions on the rocks, dating back to the Roman and Byzantine times. It is there that the sailors found shelter from the stormy weather and wrote their prayers.
  • you should definitely not miss out on the Syrian loukoumia. What their makers usually claim is that they are so tasty not because of a secret recipe but because of the water of Syros. Yet, even for the salty taste lovers, there is the San Michael cheese that is made here in the homonymous village, as well as the renowned kopanisti, made of fresh milk.
  • Finally, walking around Εrmoupolis, you can find our Car Rental office and, at the best prices, you can rent a car of your choice and travel all over Syros and discover all its beauties.


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